imagen-residencia-pagada-2014ENGLISHNo Lugar – Arte Contemporáneo – calls for the artistic residence CITIES OF CROSSINGS 

The public space is a place of representation where society becomes visible. It’s from the city that can relate and understand the history of a society and its people. The city is a concrete, symbolic and political space, a stage for contemporary art.

The program seeks to create opportunities for the development of the proposals, based on dialogue and collaborative work among participants, independent spaces, the neighborhood, cultural centers, local communities and people living or passing by the Historic Downtown of Quito.

The application period is from January 02 to February 28, 2014, the residence will take place from 07 to 27 April 2014 in No Lugar – Arte Conremporáneo, Quito – Ecuador.

The selected artists and cultural agents will be notified via email within the first week of March.

The residence has a maximum of 13.

USD $ 350 per person

21 days accommodation in dormitories between 4 people, food for breakfast, Wifi, dining room, bathroom, kitchen, workshop and study for research, gallery exhibitions, promotion and diffusion of the residence process.

Participation conditions:

1. Artists, curators, critics, theorists, historians and researchers whose practice focuses on contemporary art can apply.

2. You may send a word document to with the following information:

• Personal information (name, email, city, country, date of birth, biography written in prose with CV and relevant work).

• Link to virtual portfolio, if you don’t have  virtual portfolio a PDF can be sent with the application.

• The images of the portfolio should not exceed 500kb,with a measurement of 640x480px, and they should not be manipulated.

• One page long letter of Intent.

Other information:

1. Does not include transportation costs to and from the place of residence.

2. The bedrooms are shared between 4.

3. Lunch and dinner are not included.

4. Participants must complete a reflective journal. It can be done in video, text or photography to be uploaded to the website of No Lugar.

5. Residents will have a schedule of specific activities, which include visits to artists’ studios, cultural centers, exhibitions, conferences, etc.

6. Letters of invitation will be extended to the selected participants.

7. Participation certificates will be awarded.

All activities within the residence are represented by No Lugar- Arte Contemporáneo.







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