Residency Program 2024 – Open Call

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No Lugar – Open Call for Residency Program 2024

No Lugar – Arte Contemporaneo invites artists to apply for its 2024 Residency program in the city of Quito and the Amazon.

The No Lugar residency program proposes an instance of research, reflection and production of contemporary art where artists, researchers and curators from Latin America and the world meet to live and work for a period of 21 days in the city of Quito or for 8 days in the Amazon.

In the residency, participants have the opportunity to participate in an intensive process of research, creation, reflection and production, which at the end will be shown to the public as an Open Studio.


Residency in Quito

Production residencies Quito: For this year, No Lugar together with SinTeatro are carrying out a residency focused on performance. This residency is aimed at artists whose practice is linked to performance art production, and invites them to produce a project that each resident proposes prior to their stay in Quito. This residency is aimed at performers, contemporary or stage artists whose practice focuses on the reflection and investigation of performance.

Entrance to the Ripanu Community, Ecuadorian Amazon.

Amazon production residencies: This year’s residency reflects on dreaming and is intended for contemporary artists, researchers, and performers. The residence is camping style and takes place in Sapara territory, in the community of Ripanu. It is related to the processes of revitalization of the culture and defense of the territory of the Sapara people against petro-dependence and crude oil-centrism through the production of works of contemporary art in land art, in situ or site specific formats.

The Sapara people belong to one of the 14 indigenous nationalities recognized by the Constitution and the Ecuadorian State. In 2000, UNESCO proclaimed their culture, knowledge and orality as Intangible Heritage of Humanity. However, they are about to disappear, there are only 300 people. Sará in Ecuador and 100 in Peru, only 2 elderly people know their language. The struggle of the Sará people consists of keeping their language and culture alive, based on the dream and the spirits of the forest.

The residence process will be shown in Open Studio format in Ripanu, No Lugar, Galería NAC (Santiago de Chile) and Tlaxcala3 (Mexico City). The funds are intended for the well-being of the community and the Sapára Women’s Association of Ecuador, Ashiñwaka.

Terms and Conditions

Application Closes: April 1, 2024


  • Quito: Maximum 10 people.
  • Amazonia: Maximum 20 people. One edition per year.

Residency Period:

  • Quito: July
  • Amazon: August

Residencies begin the first Monday of each month.


  • Quito: USD$600 per person for a period of 3 weeks.
  • Amazon: USD$1,800 per person, for 9 days in the community of Ripanu (Sapara Territory) + 6 days in Quito. Total: 15 days.


  • Quito: Accommodation in shared rooms and bathrooms. Breakfast. Wifi. Dining room. Kitchen. Space for site specific production. Public presentation of the processes. Monitoring, curatorship, promotion and dissemination of residency processes. In-person meetings in Quito and online with agents from all over Latin America with artists, curators, researchers, academics, cultural managers and other relevant agents within the scene.
  • Amazon: Round trip by bus, plane and canoe from Quito to Ripanu (Sapara Territory). Immersion in the Sapara culture. Private tent. All meals. Shared bathroom. Tours in the forest and river. Guide. Monitoring, curatorship, promotion and dissemination of residency processes. Space for land art production, in situ or site specific work. Public presentation of the processes in the community and in Quito. Memories.

Does not include:

  • Quito: Transportation costs to and from the place of origin to Quito, Ecuador. Travel expenses. Luch and dinner. Materials.
  • Amazon: Cost of international travel to and from Quito. Per diems. Food in Quito. Materials, rain boots and water poncho.

LETTERS OF INVITATION will be issued for management of funds and permits.

Information on previous residencies: @nolugar_ac

Payment Method: Western Union or MoneyGram

All activities carried out within the framework of the residency are represented and managed by No Lugar – Arte Contemporáneo

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